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Just following up, I was wondering if any action was ever taken from the council or if the plan is to wait until CAPPL is over.
Funny timing, mods have been talking this over for a few days and we've finally wrapped it up.

The SM council's proposal has passed through moderator voting and will go into effect after CAPPL has concluded. There was some general reluctance amongst mods to go through with a nerf this drastic - not necessarily just in terms of Jumbao's viability, but also its original process and the discrepancy it would leave between SS - but we concluded that player experience and the metagame's health ultimately took precedence.

Full list of changes:
  • Jumbao's ability order will be changed to Trace (primary), Overcoat (secondary), and Drought (HA) in both SS and SM, with its HA Drought locked from use in only SM
  • Jumbao's weight will be set to 200kg in both SS and SM.
Once again, this will go into effect after CAPPL.

Closing this thread - thanks to the SM council for allowing me to help out. Expect some tours after CAPPL ends (hopefully) so that the meta can properly adjust.
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